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I Love Movie Popcorn!

3 Aug

Not all movie popcorn is created equally.  I love going to the movies (every week!) and part of my ritual is having a bag of popcorn with a beverage.  However, some places just don’t get it consistently right.  It’s popcorn not making creme brulees here.  All I want is a nice warm bag of crunchy goodness without the butter. I have no scientific evidence but I think the “butter” is canola or vegetable oil flavored with butter so I pass on the stuff.  Call me crazy but who knows!

If I was ranking movie popcorn regarding taste and consistency, there is only one that comes to mind.  It’s AMC Movie!  I love, love, love it!  For me it has always been warm, not too salty and has the perfect crunch.  There is nothing more annoying than a stale, cold and over salted popcorn.  When I know I’m going to an AMC theatre, my lunch meal is popcorn.  My second place vote is for Clearview Cinemas.  Pretty good and a solid second.  I’ll eat it but if I had leftover AMC popcorn I would probably sneak it into the theatre.   And yes, I’ve read the no outside food policy too.

My least favorite so far is Regal Cinemas. For example, this weekend I went to see the Smufs with my movie BF.  Yes, a grown chick with another grown chick seeing a kiddie movie.  Her mom said I must be a good friend.  I told my BF, I think you invited me so that no one in the theatre would think you were a pedofile.  For the record, she is not!  I was so disappointed in the popcorn.  It was so salty that I finished my 33 oz. water and only 10% of my medium bag of popcorn.  Movie food is so expensive anyway and who is going to get up once the movie starts, wait in a long line to ask for new popcorn which may be salty as well.  Not me I say.  Movie vs. Popcorn Return – the movie wins!

So next time you go to the movie theatre, just remember not all popcorn is created equally!  Oh and the Smurf movie was cute if you’re wondering.  : )

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