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2011 Chocolate Show in New York City!

9 Nov

Bon-Bons made with my fellow FCI classmates!

I L-O-V-E chocolate so it should be no surprise that I will be attending the 2011 Chocolate Show in New York City.  The event is international with shows being held in Paris, Shanghai, Lyon and many other cities in Europe.  What excites me is being able to sample chocolates from 65 fine chocolate vendors, meet fellow foodies, and check out demonstrations from some of the best chocolatiers in the business.  I feel a stomach ache coming on already!

Of course no adventure would be fun without a side-kick to eat our way through the show. So along for the adventure is my fellow foodie-bestie and the boys Jack & Paul who are foodies in training!  The beauty about kids is that if they don’t like something they will say it! Let the feedback begin!  : )

Get ready for a follow-up blog!


Pastry Out!


I Love Movie Popcorn!

3 Aug

Not all movie popcorn is created equally.  I love going to the movies (every week!) and part of my ritual is having a bag of popcorn with a beverage.  However, some places just don’t get it consistently right.  It’s popcorn not making creme brulees here.  All I want is a nice warm bag of crunchy goodness without the butter. I have no scientific evidence but I think the “butter” is canola or vegetable oil flavored with butter so I pass on the stuff.  Call me crazy but who knows!

If I was ranking movie popcorn regarding taste and consistency, there is only one that comes to mind.  It’s AMC Movie!  I love, love, love it!  For me it has always been warm, not too salty and has the perfect crunch.  There is nothing more annoying than a stale, cold and over salted popcorn.  When I know I’m going to an AMC theatre, my lunch meal is popcorn.  My second place vote is for Clearview Cinemas.  Pretty good and a solid second.  I’ll eat it but if I had leftover AMC popcorn I would probably sneak it into the theatre.   And yes, I’ve read the no outside food policy too.

My least favorite so far is Regal Cinemas. For example, this weekend I went to see the Smufs with my movie BF.  Yes, a grown chick with another grown chick seeing a kiddie movie.  Her mom said I must be a good friend.  I told my BF, I think you invited me so that no one in the theatre would think you were a pedofile.  For the record, she is not!  I was so disappointed in the popcorn.  It was so salty that I finished my 33 oz. water and only 10% of my medium bag of popcorn.  Movie food is so expensive anyway and who is going to get up once the movie starts, wait in a long line to ask for new popcorn which may be salty as well.  Not me I say.  Movie vs. Popcorn Return – the movie wins!

So next time you go to the movie theatre, just remember not all popcorn is created equally!  Oh and the Smurf movie was cute if you’re wondering.  : )

Pastry Out!

Watch Out World!

25 Jul

I’ve been thinking about blogging for about a year and decided to go for it!  My calling and passion is baking.  While life has taken to many jobs and places, my new home is in the world of food.  Here I will discuss places I eat, food websites I love, fellow foodies who inspire and a few recipes along the way. Welcome to my Whirl…Pastry Out!